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Gone With The

Wind Is My Love

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Out now! The
of Georgia Crandon's
debut album

Reshaping Classics and Debut Album Drop - A Soul-Piercing Melodic Journey.

Step into the vibrant sonic universe of Georgia Crandon, an emerging sensation whose music effortlessly blends retro pop nuances with a soulful edge. Brace yourself for her upcoming release - an electrifying cover of the iconic Northern Soul anthem "Gone With The Wind Is My Love." 

But that's just the opening act – mark your calendars for a seismic event this September. Georgia is poised to drop her debut album on vinyl and CD, courtesy of the ingenious minds at Static Wax Records, with production wizardry courtesy of maestro Darren Bazzoni. With vocal stylings that effortlessly oscillate between unwavering might and delicate vulnerability, Georgia's lyrical prowess delves into the heart of love, heartbreak, and the enigmatic journey of self-discovery, served up with unadulterated authenticity.

Her melodies are more than tunes; they're emotive narratives that have earned Georgia a fervent following and critical acclaim. Each track packs an unfiltered punch, weaving a tapestry of life's complexities that linger long after the music fades.

In the grand symphony of modern artists, Georgia Crandon emerges as a troubadour of our times, unafraid to peel back the layers of her soul. Her music is a testament to the resilience of vulnerability, a harmonious reminder of the human spirit's boundless strength. So, prepare to groove, introspect, and immerse yourself in the tantalising realm of Georgia Crandon – where every rhythm and verse spins a tale that's poised to resonate deeply.

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The song "Gone With The Wind Is My Love" performed by Georgia Crandon, is the intellectual property of Static Wax Records. The contents of this song are protected by copyright laws, and any unauthorised sharing, distribution, or downloading of this material is strictly prohibited.

We kindly request that you refrain from engaging in any such activities that may infringe upon our rights as the rightful owners of this song. Failure to comply with these terms may result in legal action being taken against you.

Please respect the hard work and creative effort that went into producing this song by refraining from any unauthorised use or sharing of the material. Thank you for your cooperation.

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